Brand Portfolio Images

Brand Portfolio Images

Brand Portfolio Images

Let me introduce you to Northamptonshire’s, nah East Midlands or even the countries King of the managed survey Gary Beckwith director at Gobby here are his Brand Portfolio Images. Gary’s quiet calm exterior belies a keen mind and determination to succeed. I first met Gary about 4 years ago on the local business networking scene and although he already saw the value in images, the time wasn’t right for him at that point. So in 2021 between lock downs and with Gobby ‘s freshly revamped website about to launch we met up at my studio and at suitable locations in Corby Northamptonshire to start building a portfolio of images designed to take Gary and Gobby forward with there marketing. There is a tiny selection attached to the post. We also put a small talking heads type video together, again to showcase the business and how Gary see’s Gobby going forward
With 2022 well and truly here, take a look at how your business is looking and ask “are you happy with how you look online!”
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Quick anecdote; Gary is a big fella 6 foot 2 at least, confidently address Networking groups with complex presentations. But initially in front of the camera I had a not quite quaking in his boots but anxious individual. Because I could sense this I spent 30 mins or more just chatting then we did some “practice/test” shoots just to familiarise Gary with the process. Well worth it I’m sure you’ll agree as the images came out really well and Gary look fantastic.

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