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Business Portraits

Busy professionals across the UK or even further afield, don’t always have time to have their Business Portraits updated regularly.  They really should take that hour to sit with a professional like Nick at Nick Freeman Photography to produce some amazing images. The time spent with Nick allows the client to settle in and enjoy the session. Full feedback is given to the client during the session giving them the opportunity to improve their look, style and image and create a range of Business Portraits tailored to their profession, their marketing and lifestyle.

Business Headshots

Headshots or the portraits are now key tools in marketing yourself to the world at large. People buy from people after all! So after a networking meeting Nick found himself in conversation with the amazing young lady in the images below. She has a very strong look to start with so styling her was a mute point. At the studio the normally confident vibrant individual was slightly less herself! So after coaching, a chat, outfit change the job of Business Portrait Photography got underway. What a star after a few minutes the confident strong vibrant women re emerged and this small selection of images of her are what we produced.

Professional Portraits

Take the time, visit a professional in a studio on location but take the time. If these images had been shot in an 5 or 10 minute slot, they definitely wouldn’t of yielded these strong beautiful images you see before you.

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Nick can be contacted directly from the website to book a personal shoot or call him to discuss exactly what you, your clients or company require for that unique marketing asset, You!

Business Portraits, Business Headshots in the UK. Our new studio space open for business in the January 2017.

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