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Leicester Headshots For Corporate and Personal Promotion – Leicester

Leicester headshots for Business or Personal Promotion.

Today’s headshot shoot was a combination shoot. Local businessman and DJ, Maz had always wanted but now needed some professional Leicester headshots. Maz originally from Iran but now residing in Leicestershire in the East Midlands, UK contacted me in need of headshots for business roles and social media. As we discussed his professional needs it became clear one of Maz’s passions is music and as a part time DJ it seemed only logical to incorporate this in the session.  I visited Maz at his place of work creating a portable studio. I shoot a lot of headshots Leicester but travel to many parts of the country for clients. The session progressed well, as we created some stylish business headshots. I always get clients to bring multiple outfits to a headshot shoot, this will allow different looks. Maz like me is folicularly challenged, so didn’t need to change hair styles or change make up looks, this is something we would encourage for all our lady sitters, and even some of the more hirsute gents.  With the formal business shoot in the bag, we then went on to shoot the DJ based portraits. At that point everything clicked and Maz suddenly relaxed and dropped into a zone. I am sure you’ll agree the images attached to the blog show that off completely.

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