Motion Photography

“The Importance of Image!”

Behind the scenes

More and more clients started asking for behind the scenes (BTS) footage of their headshot shoots so we now offer a limited BTS package which can be added to any shoot. Why do you need this? It adds depth and authenticity to you profiles and channels. It enforces engagement and drives comment. All of which in this socially media driven marketing world, is a good thing. Contact me for more details about all my motion photography. Costs from £65 when included with other packages.

Talking Heads

To compliment personal brand photography my talking heads videography offers studio based or location shoots of to camera pieces that give you a chance to talk directly to clients. Either by pitching your product, offering tips, offering guidance, it really does depend on your sectors and proposed client base.  Contact me for details. Costs from £250 for up to four clips, recorded and edited.

Social media

What we offer here are short edited clips designed and formatted for social media platforms. They can be punchy and powerful or gentle and serene, tailored to your brand and clientele.  Best shot en location at an event or in the office we will often combined movie footage with stills to create that idea blend for your brand image. Contact me for details. Cost dependent on other packages taken  as a stand alone from £250.