Personal Brand Photography

Are you the heart of your business? If you are, you are the brand.

Would you like to refresh your BRAND imagery with a compelling portfolio that connects you directly with new clients? If you have a question about our personal brand photography please get in touch today.

Personal Brand Photography aren’t you just a little curious…

Curious to see what would happen to your business and your brand if you took your brand to the next level with stylishly curated photographs that look and feel like they were taken when you were feeling at your most confident and creative. But most of all have these images available everyday to engage with your online clients?

Your personal brand is all about YOU!

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or influencer you need to show the best version of you to the world. Not only should your self-imagery reveal the true essence of you in the best light, but it should also showcase your personality and reveal discreetly what makes you tick.

In the age of social media and personal brands, every person deserves photographs that leaves the right first impression a photograph that reveals your authentic self and says a 1000 words.

Defining who you are

Your audience, whether it be potential clients or existing clients that you network with, will relate to you in a far more powerful way if they feel a personal connection and this is where professional Personal Brand Photography comes into its own.

When you book a Personal Brand Photography photoshoot with me, I will spend time getting to know you and your brand. Together we will then work on defining who you are and what you want to tell the world, creating stories that encapsulate you and your brand. I will then use photography to do this, ensuring that you are the key to your very own personal brand.

What’s involved in a session

We’ll start with a simple meeting/call to properly introduce ourselves, I’ll have lots questions to ask and your answers will shape how we build your tailored personal brand photography shoot.

When we have put together a story plan and we have a date for the shoot, finer details can be arranged. For example, we are likely to be shooting at your home, work office, vehicle, home office and other points of relevance. We will also go out and about shooting on location in cafes, bars, restaurants, in shops and the street to name a few. Personal branding is about making the onlooker engage with you. Stopping them long enough to like your post, link to your website and perhaps realise that your service or product is missing from their life.

Package Examples

Personal brand photography packages are all tailored to the particular needs of the client. But as a guide, prices start from £250 per session.


Portrayed Magazine

Click image to download PDF.

Portrayed Magazine is a marketing tool to brand and market you and your company to an audience that like to have something tactile to look at a high quality magazine that’s all about you and your business.

I will shoot corporate headshots of all key individuals follow people in a normal environment and show you all at your most confident and professional. The magazine is definitely image heavy, punctuated with interviews and other editorial relevant to your history and forward thinking approach you business has to that sector.

All Portrayed Magazines are unique so a cost is difficult to give in a broad sweeping terms but costs of around £1200 seem to be average. A fairly small price for a unique piece of marketing and brand recognition.