Editorial photography is the art of creating images for publications. Magazines, newspapers, press releases and end of year reports, all need photographs to accompany the stories. Editorial photography and imagery are often as important as the written words.

The role

The role of the editorial photographer is to create images that express the purpose of the article. Fashion editorial photography helps to show off the creative side of fashion, these pictures add another dimension to designers’ work. It’s often a collaboration between photographers, stylists, models, and fashion labels take the spotlight in these fashion shoots.

Never underestimate the importance of image.

I have worked with the printed press for most of my photographic working life. Why does this matter for your images? Well, my brain is now hard wired for layouts and sequencing of images. At the taking point I’m already seeing where the text can go the gutter of the double page, all things that editors love. All my images are retouched with the printing process in mind as well. These also work well for digital content as well.

Editorial photography to me is about engaging the viewer from the first image often encouraging them to read the attached article. I have seen images used to shock, you probably have to the famine in Ethiopia that sparked Live aid and the continuing charitable causes was what triggered my interest in the printed images and journalism, could an image really have that much effect.

Now in the real world most of us inhabit, good editorial images tell of a company or individual’s journey. These aren’t always shot in an hour sometimes the stories take longer to tell; I like to know a story and hope to tell some great ones as the years pass. What’s your story?

My strapline of “Never underestimate the importance of image” is a real marker for editorial photography, images can say so much that words can’t always.