Brand Awareness Photography

Brand Awareness Photography for Business

Brand Awareness Photography for Business

“the importance of image”

Story telling photography for business.

These image form part of a series of images telling a story to a wider audience about team work, collaborations and hard work. Brand Awareness Photography for Business
If you don’t tell the world at large what you are doing how will they know you are the go to company in your sector? These specific images relate to a collaboration between Technical Foam Services and Bizjuicer  helping to highlight in general the good work of key individuals within Technical Foam Services. This story relates to David Hood who’s key roll with Technical Foam Services is Health and Safety. With David’s dedication Technical Foam Services now have the highest level in the sector in the UK! Kudos to David. Also to highlight the ongoing achievements and included in the images is Andy Goram who has been writing pieces for social media, to again highlight the teams and individuals successes.  As an exercise in boosting Brand Awareness it has been both successful and greatly received.

The combination of written word and well executed images is a powerful tool in the brand awareness for businesses. Contact me for more details on how I can help put your business on the map.

David Hood – Technical Foam Services, Corby Northamptonshire
⭐🧲Andy Goram🧲⭐ – Bizjuicer, Northamptonshire
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Bizjuicer – Technical Foam Services Ltd – Nick Freeman