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Why I love this Image…..

I love this Business Image for one reason really it shows the passion, intensity and dedication of the subject Lewi Williams. Lewi is a Northamptonshire based barber and barber to many of the counties sporting celebs. I heard recently that he had been involved in a very serious car accident, not long after this image was taken. I also hear he has made a great recover and will be back at work come lockdown restriction lowering in April, all the best Lewi it was great meeting you on this shoot. Another reason this Image works so well is the eyes, even without seeing the rest of his face you get all the intensity in the small segment of the image. The eyes are always key in an image of this type.

Business Image

Technically this Business Image was very simple it was lit with available light from a bank of high up windows both behind me and to camera right. The small depth of field also concentrates the attention to Lewis eyes. Compositionally, there are lines in the background leading to Lewi as are his shoulder line and the jacket hem. The colour palette is also pleasing and worked well in colour rather than my regular B&W. These business images are part of a branding series shot for a business editorial. See links below.

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