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Storytelling Images – Create Awareness of your Business

Sometimes a client gives me an open brief to shoot background footage for their portfolio of images, Storytelling Images is exactly what’s called for. Initially Extensis the company in question contacted me to update the company headshots. In their specific case we shot both formals on a white background and an environmental portrait, see below for examples. I was also then given carte blanche to photography around the office, capturing authentic moments and showing the integration of the teams dynamics. I love doing this and after a short while people forget what I’m doing and I can really capture the essence of the team at work.  I really love some of these images as they work so well individually and as a whole. Of all these images can you spot the staged image?

Who are Extensis?

At Extensis, we come to work each day driven to helping our customers succeed in achieving their goals. We believe that you can get more from your digital assets, fonts, and images if you can find them, easily share them, and protect them. We build solutions that accelerate your workflows so you can achieve your goals faster — and we’re here to help if and when you need it.

Extensis currently aid more than 5,000 companies and creative professionals around the globe by streamlining and simplifying how they leverage digital assets, fonts, and images. Ultimately, we are working to provide powerful solutions that help you do more of what matters to you and your business.

Storytelling Images

Creating a look for your team can be an important part of how clients perceive you. Working with you photographer prior to the shoot helps establish the look you desire. plus saves time on the day. Appearance is a key part of the way you are perceived to clients, lets make it special.

Contact me now and lets create a look to reflect you and your business Storytelling Images for the win.

These images were taken in pre COVID times were distancing wasn’t a problem.

Never underestimate the importance of image