Portrait of a Survivor

Portrait of a Survivor

Portrait of a Survivor


I have to confess when I was told the keynote speaker at a recent event was Shahin Sadafi I had no clue who he was! Who he is, is a remarkable individual who has in his life has been through multiple trauma, most could not comprehend. Shahin was there specifically to talk about being a Portrait of a Survivor of the #grenfell tower fire. I won’t go in to his story here as its not my story to tell. Suffice to say there must of been a lot of dust in that auditorium as eyes were rubbed and dabbed in every quarter, the author was no exception. I’ll put a link below to his story, its well worth a read. I was fortunate enough to get a few minutes to photograph him before his address began. I wanted to create a strong, dignified portrait that showed his majesty and strength plus the character of the man. Hopefully I achieved that, what do you think?

Telling a Story

I work with many different individuals in my normal working week. Many are just like you and I, everyday Jo’s and Joanna’s going about making a living marketing and branding themselves. Then you meet someone with a story to tell, Shahin is one of those people. At the point I took the images I only had a brief outline to is story, but I knew creating a strong image was key. I hope as I said above I achieved that!

If you are someone in need of a portrait for publication, press release or just for your online presence get in touch and we can tailor a shoot to your needs.  You can never underestimate the importance of image.


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