Branding Portrait Northampton

Branding Portrait – Northampton


Why I Love this Portrait


Branding Portrait Northampton

On a Branding Portrait Northampton commission shoots I always look for areas were I can shoot images that are off script, by that I mean in stair wells like here but I’ve shot in kitchens, board rooms even the car parks. Why, well when a client is plopped in front of a camera the nerves and tensions can often be seen rising and we get a great representation of their face but don’t get the real character of the client. So shooting away from the lights and backgrounds can be a good ice breaker. On this particular Branding Portrait Northampton I have to say this wasn’t the case here, Rachel was very natural. What this image shows is a confident relaxed individual, but puts her in some context. The layers of architecture from the stair well railings, plus the cars in the distance suggest a work environment. The out of focus areas also concentrate the attention to Rachel as well. I presented this image in black and white to concentrate the attention on Rachel as there was some distracting colours.

That’s why I love this  #businessportrait

So if you or your company are in need of a fresh approach and some Branding Portrait Northampton based companies, get in touch and I can create some interesting images to make your business more interesting to potential clients and even existing clients re affirming they made the right choice in choosing you as their go to sector supplier.

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