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Business and CEO Portrait are often seen as an inconvenience, by the subject, something that takes the subject away from the daily business they worked so hard to gain the recognition for. Then there is the marketing team whose entire role is to promote success, achievement and awareness. This requires images as an article either in print on social media/blog without an image receives 76% less engagement.

Why I Love this Portrait…….

I really love this image as it shows the then new NITAL CEO Neil at his spartan office desk, (he had only been in role for about 3days at time of shoot), only a single family portrait as a personal statement. The image has a solitary feel to it a loneliness often associated with heads of business. Neil was a good sport as his phone didn’t stop ringing for the whole shoot. I like the fact Neil is seated in a small highlight at his desk inputting data from a note book, the mix of traditional and new. The shafts of sunlight from the blinds creating interest patterns. All the leading lines force your eyes to Neil, so he is the centre of your attention. I shoot Neil in various locations around Nital’s premises. I may in the future show a different approach to a CEO Portrait putting them in context of the business. This image though I think works as the new broom approach, with the bare office the earnest working ethic.

If you or your business has started a new role your Public Relations should contact me for me information about how we can promote your CEO Portrait.

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