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Please allow me to introduce you to Rodney Hogg Wine aficionado, teller of great stories and a total gentleman. I first met Rodney at a business networking event in 2016 and it always a pleasure to pass the time of day with him. Rodney is pictured here in his Northamptonshire office, whilst preparing for a guest speaking event to a local group. This man has had such a fascinating life with many and I do mean many stories to tell. From his time in the army right up to more recent times in business as a wine merchant. Storytelling photos are an absolute must have for your business awareness. Having lots of random images is one thing buts a cohesive selection of edited individual images will build brand awareness. Having a set of curated images as shown here will tell a story of your business. Your selection of photographer is a vital element to achieving this, we aren’t all the same. My personal background in journalism definitely helps me approach a clients needs differently. I work with many businesses daily from simple anniversary shoot, launch events and more involved brand awareness and promotions.

These storytelling photos were taken as part of a marketing awareness in a B2B magazine All Things Business UK I look forward to seeing you back on the Networking scene when we are allowed Rodney, always a pleasure to speak with you.

I have more branding and editorial images on my other Blog posts. Consider how your business could benefit from more awareness of what you do, your ethics, values and market position.

I do also shoot in colour, I simply love black and white Images’